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December 5, 2006
Mom Delivers Innovative Line of Infant Wear: Stylease®

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Mom Delivers Innovative Line of Infant Wear: Stylease®

For immediate release:  Traverse City, MI – December 5, 2006 - Innovative infant wear maker Liloebe LLC showcased their new spring designs at national tradeshows in October with fantastic results! Their patented concept of one-piece rompers that look like layered separates, continues to impress.

Marketed under the brand name Stylease®, the infant wear is designed to look like highly fashionable children's separates but are actually easy-on, easy-off one-piece outfits, providing ease for the parent and style for the child.

"I hadn't seen anything in the industry like it. Neither had anyone else I've spoken to." says Stylease® infant wear creator and mother of two, Jennifer Hughes. She explained her motivation for creating the clothing line. "Like other parents, I learned to appreciate the ease of a one-piece outfit for an infant. I quickly realized those cute multi-piece outfits were completely impractical." Then I thought, it would be great if there was a one-piece that looked like separates. Where is it written that a one-piece has to look like one?

Hughes says that with separates, shirts often ride up or become twisted and require constant “fixing” especially in babies under 12 months old.  Though Stylease® infant apparel simulates the wide range of styles among children's separates, Hughes says its one-piece design doesn't copy those shortcomings.

"People don't realize our clothes are one-piece until you tell them. And it still doesn't sink in until you see and handle the clothes themselves," says Hughes.

Since Stylease® is mom-invented, all the styles are as practical as they are fashionable. A distinguishing feature of the infant wear is the accessible design that makes it so easy to dress your child. They either open to the waist down the front or the entire shoulder and sleeve open up making it easy to dress your baby from the bottom up. Liloebe officials say this feature is important for babies who don't like clothes pulled over their heads. And there are snaps or zippers in the crotch of all our styles for easy diaper changes.

The clothing line retails to the consumer for around $25. It can be found at specialty stores nationwide and on-line at

Stylease® infant apparel is manufactured by Traverse City based Liloebe LLC.

Note to editors: information and high-resolution pictures can be found at or call Jennifer Hughes at 818.524.8078


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